transmission housings always getting cleaner

Customer needs

Benefit from an outside view of its manufacturing and assembly process for helicopter gearbox casings, in order to determine the priority actions to be put in place to ensure that no particles larger than the defined criteria remain on the parts in the end.

Customer benefits

The industrialist benefits from Cetim’s experience concerning particulate pollution and from the implementation of solutions and operating procedures that have proved their worth in various industrial fields: medical, automotive, aeronautics, etc.
The recommendations proposed from the point of view of efficiency at the right cost made it possible to avoid dedicating a clean room to assembly.

Cetim answer

Audit of manufacturing, storage and assembly processes. Analyses of particulate measurements carried out in a Cofrac accredited laboratory on 1 m³ casings and on the ambient membranes placed in the workshops.

Delivered results

Awareness of the pollution risks inherent in the various stages of manufacturing parts and modifications to certain operations to improve cleanliness. Investment in two cleaning machines adapted to the requirements.