A "turnkey" workshop in Kazakhstan


Manufacturing & operating costs reductions +  Resilience enhancement + 4.0


Resilience 4.0

Jean-Pierre Guérin - project manager at Airbus DS .

The Kazakh teams were very impressed with Cetim's sevices, which opened up real prospects fo the Centre in the market, either alone or working with French firms.

Customer needs

Ghalam, a joint subsidiary of Airbus Defense & Space and Gaarysh Sapary (Kazakhe Space Agency), was to set up a satellite assembly, integration and test center, as well as a satellite hardware manufacturing center as part of its mission.

In support of its subsidiary, Airbus Defense & Space called on its French partners for the design of the workshop, the choice of machines, the industrialization of parts and the training of its engineers.

Customer benefits

CETIM can mobilize its various multidisciplinary experts and partners in order to meet the global demand of French companies on the national territory as well as abroad.

Cetim answer

In order to meet all Airbus’ needs, Laroche Engineering and Cetim have entered into a partnership.

CETIM carried out over two and a half months, all the training of engineers on its various sites by relying on a large panel of experts in all disciplines (machining, programming on five-axis machines, machining ranges, management of the tool park, analysis of materials and more particularly of aluminium and titanium).

Delivered results

Airbus Defense & Space has benefited from a turnkey workshop and the skills development of its engineers.