Aircrafts and Launchers of tomorrow – Green Aircrafts  + 4.0


Innovative design for the Green Aircraft

Sébastien Ayral — Aeoconseil, Aircraft modification engineer

To enhance our expertise, we wanted to have more accurate data in order to offer our customers a wider range of transformation options and technical modifications

Customer needs

To enhance its expertise in transforming an ATR72 into a cargo aircraft and better serve the needs of its customers, Aeroconseil decided to scan and then model the internal and external fuselage components with accuracy to within 0.2 mm.

Customer benefits

Cetim Sud-Ouest has the know-how, the scanning systems and all computer data post-processing tools to digitise the 20-metre cabin with the required accuracy and provide a model with the expected level of detail.

Cetim answer

Three measurement technicians scanned the inside of the cabin with several contactless 3D optical measurement systems. The outside of the aircraft was digitised using a 3D laser scanner. The millions of points were then post-processed in order to meet the requirements and the required level of detail.

Delivered results

Aeroconseil has detailed volume and surface files in Catia V5 format accurately representing the the inside and outside structure of the ATR72 cabin. The company will now be able to use this 3D digital model to optimise its redesign processes.