About us


Cetim, the French Technical Center for Mechanical Industries, has been created in 1965 to support innovation and competitiveness of companies thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and unique R&D capacity.

Our 1 100 employees provide a comprehensive array of services and solutions to the worldwide manufacturing industries, especially Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Oil & Gas, within the field of:

  • Testing, control, measurement (NDT, 3D Scanning, metrology, IoT…)
  • Innovative product, process engineering and industrialization (composites, additive manufacturing, smart machining, …)
  • Services and consultancy (failure analysis and risk assessment, operational efficiency support, software, Cetim Academy® trainings)
  • Outsourced R&D

Together with its international subsidiaries and partners, Cetim has been serving 8 000 customers in more than 50 countries and has become a world leading engineering group able to support your environmental and Industry 4.0 transformation.

  • 50+ years of experience
  • Unique R&D capabilities
  • Integrity and impartiality
  • A multidisciplinary field of expertise addressing the entire value chain of company needs
  • Be a leader in R&D and technology transfer
  • Participate in the competitiveness of companies by providing high added value services
  • Enhance our International development 
  • Allow every employee within a socially responsible company to live a rewarding technological, economical and human adventure