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A worldclass expert gives a course on the fatigue design of welded structures at Cetim!


On January the 20 th and 21 st in Senlis,
Cetim welcomes Professor Pingsha Dong
from the University of Michigan for a unique masterclass.

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It is a very well-known expert that Cetim hosts on January 20 th and 21 st in Senlis for an exceptional masterclass on the fatigue of welded structures. Professor Pingsha Dong, director of the laboratory for welded structures at the University of Michigan, is indeed a regular winner of awards and honors from the scientific world. For two days, he delivered (in English) to participants from all over the planet the latest advances in his field.

Day 1 : focusses on residual stress and fitness for service
Residual stress/distortion development mechanisms, effective modelling procedures, principles of residual stress and distortion control, measurement techniques, fracture mechanics treatment for FFS assessment.

Day 2 : is dedicated to fatigue design of welded structures
Mesh-insensitive method, master S-N curve formulation and validation, structural strain method and master E-N curve, consistent treatment of low cycle fatigue and multiaxial non-proportional loading, applications in spot, laser, and FSW welds, and adhesive joints.

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